Monday, August 6, 2012

Where have I been?

Long story short?

We found out at 10pm on Saturday that we needed to be moved out by 3pm Sunday. This totally ruined my plans to minimize my possessions as I moved- we had to throw it all on the truck and throw it into the new house and then go back for more. In the end it took 4 truck bed fulls and 1 very stuffed firebird to move me and I was pretty ashamed at how much junk I STILL own.

I was very glad I had already consolidated my plants and gotten rid of some of my furniture but I still had ridiculous amounts of things.

I do love my new place though- it's very peaceful and i don't have to worry about the negative energy that was coming from my old roommates who I think got a little too used to taking out their relationship problems on me.

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