Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Attack of the potted plants!

In preparation for my move I have decided to do something about the overwhelming number of plants I have at my house. I'm not sure exactly when I crossed the line from a few houseplants to 35 very thirsty air purifiers but I did. The problem is, I can't kill any of them- I feel too guilty. It's corny I know but I literally feel like I'm taking a life, even if I plant one outside I can't stand the idea of a tropical plant being frozen to death in the cold Virginia winter weather.

I did figure out a way around my predicament- mainly to consolidate more then 1 plant per pot and/or to give them away(then someone else can murder them)

So I got a biggest pot I could find (left over from last years attempt at a water garden) and put 4 plants that take similar amounts of water and light.
This solves 2 problems, the overwhelming number of plants to water and the number of pots I have to move in August. It came out looking pretty cool- I added some pea gravel that I found in the garage & random rocks & shells to make it look super classy too.

Now I've only got to move & water 1 huge-ass pot that won't fall over instead of 4 small ones that would've probably fallen over in my truck and gotten soil everywhere.

I also planted several small plants into my green & yellow pots that match the red one so I've got this cool rasta plant set up that I love.

I also consolidated 5 more plants into 1 pot and gave it and 3 others to my friend that recently moved to the mountains.

I also *cry* took 2 of the plants and added them to the compost pile- sometimes plants must die so that people may live lol

I still have more to deal with - probably about 15- 20 more but I'm hopeful I will find homes for them soon :-)

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