Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Morning

It's Sunday Morning.
As usual I have "things to do."
And also, as usual, it isn't possible for me to get it all done and all I really feel like doing is watching Stargate SG-1 & napping

I've been reading a lot about limiting your projects so that you don't feel overwhelmed, but sometimes I feel like that isn't possible- I'M IN TOO DEEP.

Maybe if I make a clear list of my major "To Do's" and a list of what I want the result to be I will make it more clear in my mind.

Thangs I HAVE to do:
  • Maintain the manor (my over sized house I rent with 3 roommates)
  • Laundry
  • take care of my dog
  • work- day job
  • work- boxing gym
Things I am working on:
  • BOXING- training to fight
  • L.A.M.B. Ebay store, FB page
  • Firebird repair
  • candle making
  • getting rid of all my extra stuff
    • Day bed & other extra furniture
    • Clothes
    • Drum set
    • garage stuff (tools, old paint, extra firebird parts, used oil, ect)
    • basement stuff (decorations, ebay shipping containers, shoes, hobbie/craft stuff, ect)
Things Id like to have going on (that I don't):
  • have at least an hour a day play time with my dog
  • 20 items listed on ebay all the time
  • firebird consistently running
  • clean house
  • clean bedroom
  • have my LAMB facebook page updated
  • happiness
  • simplicity
It's tough trying to establish priorities, and I fell like I need to get it ALL done in the next 2 months because I plan on moving out - I guess the firebird is the major priority, its been waiting the longest and I probably won't have a garage wherever I move but it is also the most discouraging to work on because it never ends and involves multiple trips to the auto store and or calling my hot rod friends to get advice on the best way to do stuff.

The "getting rid of stuff" seems never ending also,  last summer I read a book titled "The Joy of Less" and it got me motivated to CLEAN HOUSE, I can't even remember how many garbage bags of stuff I have taken to the thrift store (at least 20). Though it has been tough since I have roommates that aren't of the same mindset and their clutter seems to take the place of mine. My goal is to have only things that I love & need by the time I move out at  the end of July.

The Ebay store goes hand in hand with the "getting rid of stuff" since lots of what i own is second hand designer stuff that I bought on ebay (yaa for credit cards, boo for debt). An ebay store is a lot more of a hassle then you would think, listing is a chore, ppl bombard you with all kinds of questions and then you have to ship and deal with rude buyers if they miss read the description or are just a** hole people....grr. OKAY, this is rapidly turning into a bitch fest...I'm gonna go try to get some stuff done, I'll keep you posted :)

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